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Annual Audit Report

At the November 10, 2015, Board of Education meeting, Mike Wilson, the district’s auditor from Norman & Paulsen PC, presented the 2014‐2015 School Year Audit for Three Rivers Community Schools.

Mr. Wilson informed the Board of Education that the district is healthy, and he had no findings to report. He expressed his confidence in the results of the audit, and the district’s financial practices. The full district audit is available in the transparency report; please click the link on this page at the top of the sidebar on your right to access the report. Three Rivers Community Schools’ overall budget exceeds $25 million.

Some highlights of the report:

  • Property tax revenue increased almost $300,000 over 2013‐2014 revenue.
  • State revenue increased approximately $800,000 over 2013‐2014.
  • The deficit for the year was $101,000 – a reduction over the 2013‐2014 deficit of $215,000.
  • The District’s fund equity is a healthy 18.7 percent.

The Board of Education and I are committed to remaining fiscally responsible. Last year, we authorized a Facility Assessment of all the district buildings. This assessment outlines the needs for the next 15 years in regards to repair and upkeep of our facilities and allows us to plan financially for maintenance of our facilities.

Other long‐term plans being drafted:

  • Judy Wordelman, Curriculum Director, and the district principals, as well as the School Improvement Teams, are devising plans for continued progress in student achievement and the curriculum needs to support that achievement;
  • Andy Mains, the Athletic Director, is creating a long‐range plan for athletic facilities and equipment needs; and
  • Scott Grace, Technology Director, is working closely with our technology consortium on a five‐year plan for technology upgrades and replacement.

Significant challenges lie ahead, but the Board and I are determined to maintain a high level of service for our students and our community. At times, use of the General Fund becomes necessary – as it did in the last several months for roof repairs at Hoppin Elementary, Park Elementary, and Norton Elementary. We also invested heavily in our curriculum with the purchase of Language Arts materials for Grades K – 6. These expenditures are necessary for continued student success. As we move through this fiscal year, we will continue to assess our needs, analyze our spending, and make budget amendments as needed. Mike Wilson’s report on the financial health of the district is an affirmation that the Board of Education members takes their responsibilities seriously with the achievement and well‐being of the students at the forefront of its decisions.

Yours educationally,
Jean Logan,

Substitute Teachers Wanted!

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our team as a substitute teacher, St. Joseph County ISD will be hosting an informational meeting Tuesday, November 17. The meeting will be held at 1 p.m. and at 5 p.m. – pick the time that is most convenient for you! The ISD is located at 62445 Shimmel Road in Centreville. Please see the flyer attached below for more information.

PCMI Substitute Flyer

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