March Students of the Month

Congratulations to our March Students of the Month! Continue reading for listings and pictures of our outstanding Wildcats! Simply click on a picture to enlarge it, and check back for updates.

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Andrews: David Patterson, Camden Knapp, Kaylib Lowrey, Tyce Wilds, Braylee Burg, Bentlee Miller, Peyton Roberts, Layla Nordahl, Hannah Lehman, Ma’Kiah Coleman, Tayler Mohney, Serenity Sutton, Maddix Burton, Kiana Haseman, Bryce Schmidt, Jacin Selent, Zaliyah Parker, Annika Carter, Jace Gray, Nora Cupp,
Maxwell Burg

Three Rivers High School

Three Rivers High School March 2017 Students of the Month

Class Student Name Supporting Statement Nominating Teacher
Language Arts Claudia Thompson Claudia is wonderful in the classroom. She puts effort into assignments, participates in class discussion, acts in a respectful manner to her peers, and displays a good sense of humor. Linn
Language Arts Maddie Reus Maddie is an extremely hard worker. She goes above and beyond what we do in the classroom, often looking for supplementary materials to help her solidify her knowledge of the concepts. Linn
Mathematics Sam Hawkins Sam is an outstanding student in AP Cal. He is always an active participant in class and is always more than willing to help his peers succeed as well. Burg
Science Morgan Drumm Morgan is an outstanding student in Anatomy and Physiology. She is very interested in dissections and provides guidance for her group members. Morgan is always willing to help another student in need. Karle
Science Cara Smith Cara is a model student in Anatomy and AP Biology. She asks good questions, helps students in need, meticulously organizes her work, and actively participates in class. Karle
Social Studies Audrey Dickerson Audrey always contributes positively in class. I can always rely on her to complete quality work, help her peers, and analyze material to the best of her ability. She does her best work on every assignment and is rewarding to have as a student. Kuiper
Social Studies Chelsea Jepsen Chelsea is an exceptional student. She always submits the highest quality class work, is engaged in class discussion, and asks thorough questions that help her peers have a deeper understanding of class material. She has earned a high ‘A’ throughout the entire year in US History and is rewarding to have as a student in class. Kuiper
CTE (Marketing) Gavin Charvat Gavin is an individual that carries a work ethic that is second to none. He is very attentive to detail on everything that he does. He has a positive and contagious personality that others enjoy being around. What a fantastic individual. Muffley
CTE (Marketing) Parker Jackson Parker gets the job done. He is attentive to detail, and puts a great deal of time and effort into his work. He is somewhat of a quite individual who is not afraid to ask questions if he does not know the answer. It has been a pleasure to have Parker in class. Muffley
Online Learning Gracie Shank Gracie is such a hard worker with high expectations in her online Music Appreciation class. She keeps track of her pace and grade and is always willing to redo assignments to improve her grade. She works quietly and takes advantage of the entire class period in my lab. I appreciate her work ethic, as well as, her polite, cheerful attitude. It is a pleasure to have Gracie in my class! Rathburn
Online Learning Russell Shutes Russell does such a nice job in his online German 2B course. He uses his class time wisely, and he is diligent about staying on pace and maintaining a good grade. Russell is a hard worker, but never lets the stress of his class get to him. He makes doing well in class look easy because he is so organized and disciplined. He is friendly and polite to everyone making him a great role model in class, as well. I’m glad to have Russell in my class! Rathburn
Art Cassandra Benthin Cass is very hard working. She is always willing to jump in to help others be successful as well. I feel like she has developed so much vision and skill in the past year, and it is so beautiful to see her share it with others. She can see where she needs work and pushes herself to do well. Eby
Art Brady Slack Brady is so responsible. He comes to class and gets right to work. He pushes himself to reach his goals. He makes good choices and is very respectful. His artwork is also lovely! And I can see him doing very well if he continues to take this class! Eby
Choir Tabatha Kauffman Tabby has been a very important part of our Vocal Music Program since we first worked together in middle school. Even then, she was one of the leaders of her choir. Since middle school, she has worked her way into our advanced choir, the Aristocrats. She continues to be a valuable asset to our organization. I was so proud to see her skillful and delightful performance of Fairy Godmother in our high school musical Cinderella this year. This is a well-deserved award for Tabby! Moore
Choir Sarah Vogt I will never forget the first time that I and the other students in Sarah’s class heard her try out for a solo. We were all amazed at this powerful, beautiful voice. Since then, Sarah has refined her skills and is a very important part of our advanced choir, the Aristocrats, and our intermediate women’s choir, Bella Voce. Sarah has a sweet personality and her warm smile is always appreciated in the vocal music program. Congratulations Sarah on a wonderful year! Moore
Spanish Brady Schnetzler Brady is very diligent about his work and is very organized. He assists his fellow students without prompting. He has a knack for understanding the hard concepts and is able to explain them to others so they understand. Great job, Pablo! Martinez
Family Consumer Sciences Jennavieve L Bent Jennavieve is such a great determined worker with high expectations in Health class. She is always current in regards about her grade and is always willing to redo assignments to improve her grade. She works thoroughly, adds to great classroom conversation, and takes advantage of the entire class period. I appreciate her work ethic, as well as, her polite, and always smiling face. It is a pleasure to have Jennavieve in my class! Sperry
Family Consumer Sciences Anna S Kulpinski Anna is very hard working in our kitchen labs. She is always willing to jump in to help others in her lab be successful in the kitchen. I feel like in the time that I have gotten to know her she enjoys working to improve herself were she can. As with some of her peers Anna has the ability to self-reflect and ask questions to see where she can improve. This will be something that I know she will continue to develop through her TRHS career. Anna continue to do great things and push yourself to improve in all aspects of your life! Sperry
Physical Education Austin Zablocki Jeschke
Physical Education Alex Howell Jeschke