September Students of the Month

Congratulations to our September Students of the Month! Continue reading for listings and pictures of our outstanding Wildcats! Simply click on a picture to enlarge it, and check back for updates.

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Three Rivers High School September 2017 Students of the Month

Three Rivers High School

Class Student Name Supporting Statement Nominating Teacher
English Language Arts Nate Adams Nate puts effort into everything he does. He enjoys learning and is always willing to be part of discussions and practices in Advanced Placement Language and Composition. Linn
English Language Arts Paige Beckwith Paige is having a wonderful start to the school year in Advanced Placement Language and Composition. She is putting great effort into assignments and discussion. Linn
Mathematics Riley Garver Riley does a great job in class. He works very hard on his assignments as well as helping other students that are struggling in class. Burg
Mathematics Justin Milliman Justin is a Math – Riffic student. I can tell he really enjoys Math. His effort in class is outstanding and he does a great job of helping other students to understand the material. Burg
Science Carli Lehman Carli has been very helpful in class with doing additional clean up from lab work (without being asked), and more importantly, talking to and making another student feel more comfortable in class (one who has to struggle with school-related tasks). She works hard to get her work completed, and she asks questions when she is not understanding the material at hand. I appreciate seeing these types of qualities exhibited in students! Anderson
Science Cody Yoder Cody’s effort is a great example of being quite responsible as well as being resilient (two of the three “R’s” we desire to promote for a positive school climate). I appreciate his hard work and desire to do well on all his assignments. Anderson
Social Studies Illyanna Taylor Illy is a terrific student. She works hard in class and is always on task. Her positive attitude and her willingness to help out and volunteer in class are appreciated. Sackrider
Social Studies Chelsea Jepsen Chelsea is an excellent student. She participates in class discussion and works hard to complete her work. She produces quality products and is always willing to help other students. Keep up the great work! Sackrider
CTE (Marketing) Emily Keith Emily is starting this year off on a very positive note. She is completing her assignments on time and doing them with great quality. Muffley
CTE (Marketing) Kharmari Lockett Kharmari is making great strides in ensuring that he becomes very successful in life. He is here every day and attentive in class. He participates and gets his work completed on time. Very proud of him. Muffley
Online Learning Skylar Haney Skylar is doing an excellent job in her online class. She works hard the entire class period and is excelling in her online foreign language class. I am so impressed with her dedication and commitment to excellence. Already in the first few weeks of school she has asked to stay after school to have additional time to work on her class. Good work, Skylar! Rathburn
Online Learning Hayley Haney Hayley is an outstanding online student. She genuinely cares about her progress and the content of her work, and her commitment shows in her excellent grades. I appreciate the effort she puts into each class period and the extra time that she has devoted to her course after school. Fantastic job, Hayley! Rathburn
Art Ashley Hire Ashley is doing an excellent job in class and always puts forth a tremendous amount of effort and care into everything she does. She is incredibly dedicated, and goes above and beyond what I see others doing. She is eager to help me out, and her kindness is contagious. Smith
Band Abby Moore Abby is a consistent, self-motivated, hard-working student in Marching Band. Not only does Abby do the right thing, she is a great example to others. Her influence in the clarinet section is definitely noticeable. Keep up the great work, Abby! VanToll
Band Tiffanie Maust Tiffanie is a great example of a section leader who cares, works hard, and always gives her best. I am confident that her attitude and work ethic will take her far. Our band program is made better by her influence. Great job, Tiffanie! VanToll
Choir Karly Brand Karly is now the President of our Concert Choir. I have been thrilled with how she has embraced her new position. She has been leading by example and has served the students in many ways. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her stand at the door while greeting students every day as they enter the class, helping with daily announcements, and giving advice to classmates. Recently, she provided leadership for the entire choir program by facilitating a team building activity at our Choir Connection Revolution event. She is working and serving to make this choir the best that it can be. The students see this and they respect her so much for it. So do I! Congrats Karly! Moore
Choir Claudia Thompson I am so thrilled to nominate Claudia for this award. She is now the President of our advanced choir, the Aristocrats. She is so positive, compassionate, caring, and encouraging. She is highly respected by her classmates and adults. I was so impressed with her recently when we had a group of students at Wendy’s. There were not enough seats for all of the students to sit together so one of the students sat the next table over. Claudia made it clear that this was not okay. This other student HAD to sit with the rest of us because we are a team. She and a couple of other students moved a table so that we could all be together. This was all done without the prompting from an adult. She continues to show great leadership for our program! Congrats Claudia! Moore
Spanish Rachel Shane Rachel has come into the year blazing with interest and excitement about Spanish. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and often shares additional details to topics discussed. Daniels
Spanish Ethan Crooks Ethan is a hard and detail-oriented worker. He also models organization and responsibility for his peers. His maturity and respect are refreshing in such a young man. Daniels
Family Consumer Sciences Trent Barley Trent has made a huge effort to get his work done and go above and beyond in class to understand the content. He is always eager to help me or other students with their work. Trent works very hard and has accomplished a lot so far during this semester. Rikkers
Family Consumer Sciences Barbara Harris Barbara has started the year off very positive and engaged. She is working very hard and has begun to mentor the younger students in class. Barbara gets her work completed in a timely manner. Barbara brings a great attitude to class every day. I love seeing her smile. Rikkers
Physical Education Brayden Selent Brayden is always on time for class and ready to participate. He demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship in all team sports activities. He is motivated to improve and get stronger in the weight room. Jeschke
Physical Education Janeice Pope Janeice comes to class ready to participate. She gives maximum effort in all sports activities and in the weight room. Janeice demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship and is a team player. Jeschke
Principal’s Award
for Student Leadership
Mitchell LeVeck Mitchell is a great young man. He is a leader in our building and consistently demonstrates respect,
responsibility and resilience. Mitchell is a friend to many, has a great sense of humor and makes our
building a better place just by being here.