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Andrews Elementary School

Andrews has a tradition of providing students with an outstanding education and each school year just gets better and better. Students who have been at Andrews in the past came back remembering and following the building’s expectations on day 1. We are so proud of them! And, of course, we are thrilled to have many new faces among us. A special welcome goes out to all of our new students and their families!

This year we continue to celebrate Andrews Pride. Our motto is: Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Kind. We work hard to uphold these principles in all that we say and do. Once again, the students of Andrews Elementary are working to be Bucketfillers. Not sure what a bucketfiller is? Ask your child or stop in and see for yourself. We also spend time every month learning and practicing our monthly life lessons. Please ask your child what this month’s lesson is.

Twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, Andrews students and staff gather together in the gym for Sunrise at 8:10 a.m. This is a time for making announcements, singing, reciting the pledge, moving about and recognizing students for a number of purposes such as, birthdays, expectation winners, or Wildcats of the Month. This is a time for us to unite as a school family. Parents, friends, and neighbors are always invited to join us.

Many special school and P.T.O. functions and activities are scheduled for this year. Keep your eye on the monthly calendar. We look forward to working and playing together. As always, the success of our school depends upon everyone working together to make each child’s experience and education here the very best that is can be. If ever you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. My door is always open.


Ben McIntyre,
Andrews Elementary