Lunch Calendar

School Lunch Nutrition and Education


Every year a new free & reduced meal application must be turned in. The due date is September 29, 2018. Last year’s application will expire, and students will go to full-pay after this date.

All schools have paper applications available OR you can go online to complete an application.

To deposit money for meals, go to Send Money To Schools.

Daily Options

  • Elementary Brown Bag Lunch: 1 PBJ Uncrustable, Cheese, Cracker, Veggie, Choice of Fruit and Choice of Milk
  • Elementary White Print Bag Lunch: Yogurt, Chips, Cheese, Cracker, Veggie, Choice of Fruit and/or Veggie and Milk Choice
  • Elementary White Plain Bag Lunch: Ham/Cheese Sandwich, Cheese Stick, Cracker, Veggie, Choice of Fruit and/or Veggie and Milk Choice
  • MS/HS: Romaine Salad, Mixed Fresh Veggies, Fresh Fruit Plates, Cupped Fruit, Variety of Hot/Cold Sandwiches, Wraps, Large Salads, Dressing and Condiment Variety

Included with breakfast: Milk, Fruit/Juice, Egg/Cheese Stick
Included with lunch: Fresh Fruit/Veggies and Milk/Juice


Meal Times

Breakfast Lunch
Andrews 7:50-8:05 11:40-1:05
Hoppin 7:50-8:20 11:40-1:05
Norton 8:00-8:20 12:03-1:18
Park 8:10-8:25 10:46-12:41
Middle School 7:30-7:45 11:05-12:37
High School 7:00-7:35 10:53-12:28


Elementary Lunch – $2.40
MS/HS Lunch – $2.65
Approved Reduced Lunch – $.40
Extra Milk – $.60

Menus are subject to change.