Online Meal Payments

We are pleased to announce that we are using Send Money to School’s point-of-sale system in our school cafeterias. This is a pre-paid system that provides convenience and accountability to our meal programs.

Your child will be given an “account” into which you may deposit money at any time. This account will allow your child to pay for meals or snacks just by using his/her account. Also, Meal Magic gives you certain controls for monitoring and controlling your child’s spending and eating habits. It will even warn cashiers if your child desires an item that potentially could interfere with your child’s food allergies.

Send Money to School helps to prevent embarrassment that some children feel when they participate in the free and reduced meal program. All of the children’s accounts will look the same, eliminating the need for special tickets or singling out those children who participate in the program.

Additionally, Send Money to School will assist in providing better communications with you, allowing access to Send Money to Schools. By using this website you will be able to view your child’s account history, including seeing the items your child has purchased. In addition, you will be able to deposit money into your child’s account with your debit/credit card.  PowerSchool will take up to 48 hours to reflect transactions.  Send Money to School is always the authority on current balance.

As an added benefit you will also be able to fill out your application for Free and Reduced Meal Benefits online using When using this site you will no longer need to send in the paper application and in most cases your approval will be in one business day or less.

We are certain that you will find the accuracy and convenience to be a great asset to your children’s school experience.

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