Online Learning

“Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace”

Our Program

Purple onlineThree Rivers Community Schools began the journey into online learning with Michigan Virtual High School during the 2002-2003 school year. The goal was and still remains to provide innovative educational opportunities to meet our students’ diverse learning styles.

Three Rivers Community Schools Online Learning Program continues it success and expands its program to offer online courses to students in grades 6th through 12th. Well-trained classroom mentors support student learning and the use of technology.

Julie Howe
Online Learning Coordinator

Why Online Learning?

  • Accelerated learning that leads to dual enrollment or early entrance to college
  • Variety of courses that are not offered in the classroom
  • Student is highly motivated and prefers an independent learning environment
  • Flexibility in scheduling especially for dual enrollment students
  • Relevant experience for college and the work place
  • Credit recovery

What Makes Us Special?

  • 95% average success rate for students in MIVHS courses (State average is 88%)
  • Outstanding Online Classroom Coordinators who are caring and supportive to ensure student success
  • One of 13 public schools in Michigan to become a “Partner in Innovation” with Michigan Virtual School
  • Three Rivers Online Learning Program offers over 200 online courses including 36 Advanced Placement courses.
  • 21f is new legislation that allows middle and high school students who are enrolled in a Michigan public local district to take up to two online courses per academic term. We are 21f ready and compliant with 174 courses listed in our district catalog on

What Our Students Are Saying

“Online learning helped me to complete my required courses early so I could dual enroll in college classes.”

“I can work at my own pace in an environment that is comfortable for me.”

“Taking online courses allowed me to take the classes I wanted without a scheduling conflict.”