To access PowerSchool, please visit:  https://ps.trschools.org
Please copy and paste the address into your browser if clicking the link does not work for you.
If you are setting up the PowerSchool Mobile App, please use the following code for Three Rivers Schools:

PowerSchool District Code

New Students/Parents: Click here for directions on how to create your new account in PowerSchool. (You will need your Parent Access ID and your Parent Access Password for each student account you wish to monitor.) If you have never set up an account you can call your guidance office and ask the secretary for your information.  Note:  Your user name and/or password can not contain special characters like ~@#$%^&*(), or a Space.

Parents with a current account but want to add another student:  Click here and go to the last page.

Students: Click on the PowerSchool link above to log into PowerSchool. You will enter your Username and your Password. (You will see an area labeled “Create Account.” Do not use this area.)

Parents: Log into PowerSchool by clicking the PowerSchool link above. To set up automatic email reports regarding your students’ attendance and grades, please refer to this guide.

***If your computer asks you to save your username and password, say NO. If you say yes you may lock yourself out of your account***

The video below explains how to change your parent login information and how to add a student to your account.

PowerSchool has mobile access for smart devices like iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets. Search your device’s app store for the mobile app. You can also open a browser on your device and enter https://ps.trschools.org. This will take you to the mobile login. Use the same username and password that you use on a regular computer.

Comment Codes

When viewing your child’s grades, you may see “comment codes” toward the end of every marking period. Below are rubrics to understand what those codes mean.