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MrsLogan2016Power Outage

Good afternoon. It was quite an eventful day.
When the power went out this morning, we were advised that it would probably be restored about 1 p.m. It was mid-morning at the time. I always have to consider multiple factors in closing school early:
1. Where are we in the food prep process?
2. Lunches
3. Transportation
4. Weather
5. Parent availability for children coming home.
6. And most importantly — how critical is the crisis?
The admin team communicated throughout the morning. I did not want to send students to homes with no power and no lunch. Food Service fed all students in the district without electricity. When it was announced that the power possibly wouldn’t be restored until 3 p.m., I determined that we would send the students home — fed.
Central Office staff and the admin team used cell phones to communicate to parents via social media, the website, and school messenger with updates about our status.
There is no easy answer to something like this — we always have to balance the what ifs of each situation.
Our district crisis team meets next week with the district rep committee and our local emergency management reps. Today’s event will be used to strengthen our emergency plans.
Kind regards,
Jean Logan

Reading Now Network

Three Rivers Community Schools is excited to join the Reading Now Network, a collective effort of superintendents, school boards and school districts throughout West Michigan to improve early literacy and, ultimately, student achievement across all grade levels. To learn more about the network, please click the link above. To access our district’s resolution in support or participation in the Reading Now Network, click the preceding link.

Autumn Update

I had the wonderful opportunity on Friday, September 30, to visit Norton and the Middle School for monthly celebrations.  We have amazing, talented, creative staff who provide opportunities for kids to celebrate themselves.  It was a privilege to see!
We have posted for a transportation supervisor to replace Cindy Books.  Currently, we have 7 applicants.  And as is the case around the state, we continue to search for bus drivers.  We hired a new one today, so his training will begin.  As unemployment rates decline, so do applicants for this position.  It’s also a challenge to find applicants who can pass the background check.
The Facilities Committee met this week with Tony Leininger from Carmi to review district needs and looking toward maintaining/improving our $68 million in facilities.  We talked about the roof work done a couple of years ago, and he mentioned how important it was to complete the work at that time — we were able to recoat two of the roofs and get them warranteed instead of a full replacement — a future cost savings of a couple of hundred thousands of dollars in projects.
All of the paras have been called back — some in different capacities.  And — we’re actually posting positions for some part-time paras.
Count day is Wednesday, October 5.

Michigan Education Finance Study

The state of Michigan contracted a data-focused analysis of the revenues and expenditures of school districts in the state. The results of that study can be accessed by clicking the preceding link.

Superintendent Logan Talks About What Inspires Her Everyday

The Michigan Association of School Administrators recently featured an interview with Superintendent Logan discussing what inspires her.

Michigan Association of School Administrators

Three Rivers Athletic Complex

Over the past year, questions have arisen regarding Three Rivers Community Schools’ role and participation in the Sports Complex project.  The administration and the Board of Education always support projects and endeavors that benefit children academically, socially, emotionally, and athletically.

We have not been actively involved in the project for several reasons.  Three Rivers Community Schools has a responsibility to focus on academic programs for students while supporting extra-curricular activities like youth sports.  The district must focus on maintaining its current physical assets and does not have the resources to accept additional fiscal and physical responsibility for more athletic fields.  And, the district simply does not possess the space required for the scope of the project.

The Board of Education has not been formally addressed regarding the development of the Athletic Complex.  The superintendent met with the architect of the project a year ago and has spoken formally with city leaders about the project.

We will continue to partner with the youth sports organizations in Three Rivers and happily do so.  Until such a time as the Athletic Complex is completed, our youth programs are welcome to use the district facilities – and afterward should the need arise.

We are one community with one goal – to provide students every opportunity to succeed.

Social Media Notice

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the apps below. They are very popular among youth right now, but promote posting inappropriate information and pictures, and often contribute to bullying. Click on any of the images to enlarge it then use your browser’s back button to return to this screen.

Superintendent’s Report – 2/8/16

  1. Jean met with TJ Baker, the county liaison for Emergency Response. Officer Baker is very complimentary regarding the building administrators’ procedures. He plans to speak with the entire group at the next administrative meeting.
  2. Plans are underway to find an interim principal for Hoppin Elementary. It is important to note that final observations and walkthroughs are being conducted in each building, and a qualified administrator has to provide the evaluations for staff.
  3. Three Rivers High School Quiz Bowl took first place in the County Meet. Very exciting for our district!
  4. Jean met with Jim Bermingham, Dallas Bell, and Bruce Boyer for an update on the Virtual Academy. Jean and Scott Grace will present a full report at a future board meeting.
  5. Building administrators have provided Jean with recommendations from each elementary, middle school, and high school for parent representatives to participate in a District Parent Advisory Committee.
  6. Department heads and building administrators have provided Jean with recommendations from each area to participate in a District Advisory Committee. More information on both will be forthcoming.
  7. Sara Herrmann and Jean will begin budgeting and staffing meetings with department heads and building administrators over the next four weeks.

Facility Improvement Millage (Sinking Fund)

On March 8, 2016, Three Rivers voters will be asked to approve a Facility Improvement Millage (Sinking Fund) for Three Rivers Community Schools. Information is just now available because of legislation signed into law in January that prevented governmental agencies from providing factual information to constituents. That legislation has been put on hold, and we are now able to send you information about the ballot proposal. More information regarding the Sinking Fund can be found at the preceding link.

State & Local Education Funding

Did you know there are only four ways to raise revenue for school districts in Michigan? The preceding link also includes information regarding how per-pupil funding has changed in the state over the past ten years.

Superintendent’s Report for January

Mid-Year Meetings

Through the end of January, the superintendent will be meeting with all member of the Administrative Team as part of the mid-year review. Discussions include progress toward goals, preliminary discussions on budget needs for the coming year, areas of growth and concern.

Park Professional Development

Kyle Corlett invited the superintendent to attend professional development during early release on Monday, January 11. Park Elementary is working on Student Learning Objectives. This was a good opportunity to watch the staff collaborate as they analyzed assessments at grade-level.

Great Lakes Autism Treatment Center

Sara Herrmann and Jean Logan met with a representative of the facility to discuss the possibility of offering space within the district. With the population of ASD students in the district, locating these services within the district will provide collaboration between staff employees and the Center to meet student needs.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

On Monday, January 18 at 1 p.m., TRAFC will be sponsoring their annual MLK Celebration at the HS PAC. This year’s keynote speaker, Jonathan Edison, met with the Ed Leadership team several weeks ago. He has a great story to share. He’s a renowned speaker and author.

Budget Meetings

Sara Herrmann and Jean Logan will begin reviewing the current year budget in anticipation of budget planning for the 2016-2017 year. Part of those discussions will involve curriculum needs, bus replacement needs, and technology replacement needs.

School Board Appreciation Month

On behalf of the staff and students of Three Rivers Community Schools, I want to thank you for your service. Please click through to access an open letter thanking our board members for their service.

2015-2016 Action Agenda

  • Explore transitioning Middle School to a six-hour day.
  • Research a pilot after-school snack program for a sports program, possibly utilizing a grant.
  • Pass a Sinking Fund proposal as part of a long-range plan for facility improvements.
  • Rebid financial services with local institutions for cost savings and enhanced services, including implementation of an electronic banking system.
  • Develop a bus replacement plan, including cost and timing.
  • Contract with EIDEX, analytics software, to facilitate academic and facility planning.
  • Investigate feasibility of contracting space with Great Lakes Autism Treatment Center to service students.
  • Review pilot Latchkey program and evaluate expansion to other buildings.
  • Explore addition of wireless access to Armstrong Field press box.
  • Review health care programs and cost-savings options.
  • Explore the addition of a district athletic trainer.
  • Analyze athletic facilities and develop a five-year plan for improvements.
  • Review, update, and maintain NEOLA policies and administrative guidelines.
  • Develop guidelines, processes, and procedures for staff recruitment.
  • Develop a long-range plan for curriculum review with budget estimates for resources.
  • Develop a fiscal plan to create a balanced budget.
  • Create a leadership committee with representatives from all labor groups meeting on a regular basis to address district challenges.
  • Review Common Core requirements and current high school graduation requirements.
  • Complete job description updates for all positions.
  • Implement state-approved teacher evaluation system.

2015-2016 Superintendent Goals

  • Each quarter, the Superintendent will provide the Board of Education with an update on progress toward professional goals and Action Agenda items.
  • The Superintendent will explore and implement additional avenues for communicating district information to the community.
  • The Superintendent will create and implement processes for staff recruitment.
  • The Superintendent will provide the Board of Education monthly budget updates.
  • The Superintendent will oversee continued technology integration in the district.

District Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

School District Elections

Many residents are not aware that, when a school district has a proposal on a ballot, the district pays a portion of the cost of the election. Please click through to access a short document expanding on that process and detailing District costs in recent elections.

M-STEP Results

I would like to share some information about the test scores your child received. This letter highlights important information abut the new M-STEP assessment and what these scores mean to you and your child.

Local ACT Results

If you are interested to see how Three Rivers High School students stacked up compared to other schools in the county (and the State of Michigan as a whole), please click through: 2015 ACT Results

Superintendent’s Evaluation

The Three Rivers Board of Education recently completed Superintendent Logan’s evaluation. Please click the following link to access the evaluation report. To access the evaluation rubric, please click the preceding link.

Superintendent’s Board Report: Dec. 7, 2015

Administrator Evaluation Information

This document provides a handy list of Educator Evaluation Reforms at a Glance. These performance items are required by law to be included in the evaluation process for all administrators who are regularly involved in instructional matters.

Annual Audit Report

At the November 10, 2015, Board of Education meeting, Mike Wilson, the district’s auditor from Norman & Paulsen PC, presented the 2014‐2015 School Year Audit for Three Rivers Community Schools. A summary of the audit report is available. The full report is also accessible via the Transparency Reporting link on the District Homepage.

FOIA Board Report

This document summarizes Freedom of Information Request activity over the previous months.