December Students of the Month

Congratulations to our December students of the month! Continue reading to see our shining stars.

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Three Rivers Middle School

Three Rivers High School

TRHS Students of the Month, December 2016

Class Student Name Supporting Statement – (2-4 Sentences) Nominating Teacher
Language Arts Simon Weirich Simon participates in class discussions and volunteers intelligent and insightful responses. He is always respectful and has a positive attitude in class. Zavala
Language Arts Renee Surdick Renee strives to do her very best at all times. She works hard and makes an effort to improve her writing. Zavala
Mathematics Courteney Munn Courtney does an outstanding job in Honors Algebra II. She is alway working diligently and is willing to put forth the extra effort needed to succeed in an honors class. Werkema
Mathematics Brendan Brown Brendan is an excellent student! He is always an active participant in class and is always more than willing to help his peers succeed as well. Werkema
Science Madaline Pobanz Maddy is an excellent student. She participates in class discussion and works hard to complete her work. She produces quality products and is always willing to help other students. Keep up the great work! Shoemaker
Science Parker Bidelman Parker is a great student. He is always upbeat and positive. He works hard to produce quality work. In addition he has been very helpful with our class salmon. He is always willing to test the water and check on the fish. Keep it up, Parker! Shoemaker
Social Studies Devon Gidley Devon is a terrific U.S. History student. He is polite, works hard, and engages in class discussions. Keep up the good work! Sackrider
Social Studies Diana Duncan Diana is a joy to have in class. She consistently participates in class discussions and is very insightful. Keep up the good work! Sackrider
Online Learning Zoey Willson Zoey is a star online student! She displays great focus, self-motivation and high standards. She finished one of the more difficult online courses three weeks before the end of the semester with an exceptional grade. Great job, Zoey! Rathburn
Online Learning Jon Scare Jon posesses all the attributes for success in online classes. He is goal oriented, self-motivated and disciplined. He turns in exceptional work and works ahead of pace consistantly. Because of his great work ethic, Jon was able to finish his semester course early and begin a trimester course to accelerate his learning. Nice job, Jon! Rathburn
Art Brianna Smith Bri is creative and motivated. She comes to class prepared and is ready to work. She has shown tremendous growth over the semester. Eby
Art Jordan Perkins Jordan is respectful, responsible and kind. He works hard and always participates in class discussions and critiques. Jordan always has a smile on his face and displays resilience in frustrating situations! Eby
Band Micah Stemaly Micah is a consistenly positive influence on those around him. He has taken many other students under his wing, and has begun giving lessons to his peers. In addition, Micah has earned the honor of being selected for the All-State Band. It is my honor to select Micah for the Wildcat of the Month for band — congrats! VanToll
Band Austin Weber Austin’s commitment to the Three Rivers Band this year cannot be understated. He has elected to take both band classes, learning a secondary instrument while maintaining growth on his primary instrument. Austin has shown a strong sense of maturity in working with younger students that has not gone unnoticed by me. Congrats Austin, and keep up the hard work! VanToll
Choir Lexi Jacobs Lexi is one of the leaders of our Vocal Music Program. She has been in our advanced choir the Aristocrats for three years and has performed many outstanding solos throughout her middle school and high school career. Lexi was in a serious accident at the beginning of this school year which caused damage to her voice. She was concerned if she would be able to sing again. With her outstanding determination and work ethic, her voice is as strong as ever and she was recently awarded the role of Cinderella in our high school musical, Cinderella. Congratulations Lexi! Moore
Spanish Madison Brown Madison is very helpful with her fellow classmates and she continuously amazes me with her grasp of the Spanish Language. Martinez
Spanish Bradly Walz Brad is a mature and responsible student who consistently contributes positively to class, completes his work thoroughly and takes ownership of his learning. Keep up the great work! Daniels
Family Consumer Sciences Ashlyn Borden Ashlyn is such a pleasure to have in class. She consistently contributes to classroom discussions in a positive way and is willing to help out when needed. She is very responsible for the work she puts forward and has become a class leader. Keep up the great attitude and work ethic. Sperry
Family Consumer Sciences Heaven Grochoske Heaven has been a great student throught her time in my classroom. She has been a strong leader in her kitchen group and has always put forth her best effort in any task that is given. She is a great role model for the rest of the class and always adds to classroom discussions and topics relating to nutrition. Great job Heaven! Sperry