Congrats to Solo & Ensemble Participants!

This past Saturday, 25 students from Three Rivers High School participated in the District Solo & Ensemble festival.  This festival is an annual event that students can sign up to participate in solos, duets, trios, etc. and perform for an adjudicator who rates their performance.  Many TRHS students participated in multiple events, with each student able to participate in a maximum of three events.   18 out of the 25 Three Rivers events were Division One ratings, qualifying those students to participate at the State level on March 18th.   It is no small undertaking to prepare music for Solo & Ensemble Festival, particularly performing a solo — it takes a lot of courage!  We are very proud of each and every student who participated. Continue reading for a list of students and to see some of their smiling faces.

Division One Ratings Division One Continued Division Two Ratings
Destiny Allstead Ben Morgan Destiny Allstead (x2)
Autumn Bryant Kaitlin Ritchie Ricky Clements
Emma Chamberlain Kallista Sayer Chyna Grochoske
Ryan Connelly Russell Shutes Claire Eickhoff
Skyler Graham (x3) Micah Stemaly (x2) Emily Long
Chyna Grochoske Katy Trattles (x2) Cameron Mead
Emily Long Ben Wood (x2) Brianna Nelson
Noah Miller (x2) Katy Trattles
Abby Moore (x3) Janaya Veltrie