The curriculum office seeks to improve student achievement through the application of “best practices” in staff development and in the integration of the curricula with instructional strategies and diverse assessments of student progress.

Adoption Cycle

Year Curriculum
2015-16 Review of Math (K-12)
2016-17 Review of Science/Health (K-12)
 2017-18  Review of Social Studies (K-12)
2018-19 Visual Arts/Music (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Foreign Language (6-12)


The curriculum office provides leadership in coordinating professional development and school improvement initiatives throughout the district. The department’s responsibilities are to assist buildings to exceed the state average on state-required tests and to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress in all buildings. The Curriculum Department supports several of the action agenda items approved by our Board of Education. These include:

K-5 Extended Elementary Day Programs – ABC/XYZ Clubs
K-12 Professional Development Committee which is responsible for 5 days of training based on student achievement data
K-5 Title I Programming
K-12 Curriculum Mapping
K-12 Student Assessment
K-8 Extended Year Program
K-12 Health Initiative